It is important to use the technology tools at school responsibly and in the way my teacher has demonstrated. I also understand that I am a member of the Corte Madera community and my actions must represent a citizen who exudes collaboration, Integrity, and Respect towards all individuals and property. I understand that my use of District technology is a privilege, not a right, and the District can withdraw this privilege if I violate this Technology Use Agreement or other District rules regarding using the District’s technology tools and services.

Printing at Home

If your home printer is a Google cloud printer compatible printer you should be able to print from your Chromebook.

Other options are:  

Handling your Chromebook

  • Don't do anything that could damage the screen including

    • Lifting the Chromebook by the screen

    • Holding the screen by the corners

    • Placing heavy objects on the screen

    • wedging the Chromebook in your locker

    • Slamming the lid

  • Cleaning the Chromebook

    • Use a drive anti-static microfiber cloth to wipe any dirt from the screen

    • Never spray glass cleaner or household cleaners on the Chromebook

    • If you would like your chromebook cleaned please bring it to the Tech Office at lunch

Loaning and Borrowing

  • Chromebooks are serial number assigned and the sole responsibility of the Student

  • NEVER loan another student your Chromebook

  • NEVER share your login or passwords with anyone

Charging your Chromebook

  • Make sure you charge your Chromebook at home overnight

  • NEVER use other charging device besides than the one provided to you

  • If you forget your Chromebook charger at home you'll be able to check out a daily one from the Library

  • If your Chromebook charger isn't working anymore please bring it to the Tech Office

Internet Access

  • Your Chromebook will automatically connect to our secure PVSD Network once you get to campus

  • You are welcome to connect to other Networks off-campus


  • G Suite Training is connected with all Students and Staffs email accounts 

  • The PVSD Tech Office located in the Library is always open for students to ask questions 

  • Teacher Techs at Corte Madera can always help you with any troubleshooting issues