Why provide these devices for students?

The middle grades represent entry to a new "Grown-Up" experience. These grades have already been using this type of technology. This model will build upon the last few years and promote standards mastery, build digital responsibility and citizenship and allow seamless continuity of learning from school to home.

How will classes change because of this program?

4th grade (and 6th grade Core) have been 1:1 in the classroom now for about 3 years with Chromebooks. Teachers will continue to create a balanced lesson with and without devices insuring their lessons are relevant and meet the academic standards criteria. Here is an interesting article that provide a narrative to the integration of technology into the Common Core Standards. Also, here is an article specifying technology skills that are embedded into 4th grade standards. The Common Core standards can all be found here so you can get a sense of how technology is touched-on throughout.

How much does the Chromebook weigh?

The devices weigh just over 3lbs--same weight as a hardbound textbook.

Do my students need to take the device home and back to school everyday?

The expectation is students will treat the device like any other school supply they bring everyday (i.e, box of crayons). This will help to develop a routine as the Chromebook may be used on various days in different classes (i.e., Spanish and Art). There may be exceptions to this, however where a teacher may say "you can leave your Chromebook at home tomorrow" or "You can leave the Chromebook in class today as you will not need it tonight and we are not using it much today so the battery will stay charged." So unless otherwise stated by a teacher, the students will be brining back and forth each day so they can develop the routines.

How is my student's Google account different than a Gmail account?

PVSD students, along with 30-million other students worldwide have access to Google Apps for Education which is administered and managed at the district level. These accounts can be easily monitored by key district personnel. The accounts are also have safe and secure settings that allow for safe searching which blocks inappropriate content, removes advertisements from searches, and secures the ownership of data to the district. Read more about Google Apps for Education Privacy safeguards including Google's commitment through their signing of the Student Privacy Pledge

What will prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites?

GoGuardian filtering on campus and at home. GoGuardian is a robust filtering and monitoring system that will help the district keep students safe while online. GoGuardian is FERPA compliant and helps schools meet CIPA and FERPA requirements.

How will information be communicated to parents?

Information will be communicated in a variety of methods including: on this website, at meetings, presentations, mailings (both hardcopy and electronic), and at a scheduled distribution.

Will there be any cost to a parent/guardian?

There will be no charge for the initial device and peripherals. However, cost for services, repairs, and/or replacements may incur if a device is broken, lost or stolen.

What will happen if a student does not bring his or her device to school?

Students will still be responsible for the completion of their classwork, without the use of the device. These are the same expectations that would apply if a student forgot a textbook or other class resource. They may also check out a loaner device the first couple of times they forget their device but after that there will be consequences.

When will my student return his or her device?

The device must be returned at the end of the school year, upon withdrawal from the school district, or upon request of a staff member. It must be returned in working condition and fines may be assessed for any damages to the device.

What happens if a student loses his or her device?

The district will provide a brief training for students about safety and care of their new Chromebook. This initiative is the perfect opportunity for our families, community, parents, and staff to demonstrate the character attribute of responsibility. Loaners or replacement devices may be made available to the student. However, it may not be a new, smaller version of the Chromebook and may be from our older inventory.

What are the school’s disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?

Any user violating the Responsible or Acceptable Use of Technology policies will face disciplinary action and may be banned from using school hardware and software. Users violating Responsible or Acceptable Use of Technology policies of Conduct may also be required to attend additional training sessions in order to continue using school technology. Vandalism may result in suspension and may also include further disciplinary action including referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Users violating Board Policy and/or Student Code of Conduct may face additional disciplinary action deemed appropriate in keeping with the disciplinary policies and guidelines of the school.

Can my child still bring their own device to school?

Yes, you can have your child opt out of the 1:1 Chromebook program. However, if you choose to do this, the student will be responsible for bringing their own device to and from school each day.

Can my child and I configure or personalize the device in any way?

The students will be able to customize the outside of the case and the background of the device but will not be permitted to change the OS, or install or remove any school applications.

What if we don’t have internet access at home?

The Google Apps for Education apps work offline as well. The work will then sync once the student reaches the school network. There are also low cost options for internet at home. Click HERE for one option through Comcast.